Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lamp Shade Shadows - DIY

This is so so easy and super cute!  These pics don't do the finished product justice, it really is sort of magical to have those little characters watching out for you.  I saw a pic of another lamp with a similar insert somewhere out there on the world wide web.  I didn't actually have any instructions so I sort of made this one by trial and error.  You could use any character but I think Peter Pan was an especially whimsical choice.  Tinker Bell would work well too. 

Lamp Shade Shadow DIY

1. Find a graphic you like.  I found a Peter Pan that looked somewhat "suspended" in the air. 

2. Go into your photo editing software.  The most basic will work - even the one that comes free on your computer (any of the free phone apps work as well - just email it to yourself once you edit the graphic).  Turn the "brightness" all the way down until the graphic is now black.  Size and print on regular paper.

3. Cut around the edges exactly (you don't want any white paper showing) and place inside your lamp shade.  I had to use a couple dabs of elmers glue that I smeared on the paper.  Make sure the glue is very thin if you use it so you won't see it on the "shadow". 

Voila!  It really is adorable and ours in on a floor lamp so it looks like Peter is looking down on Milo.  So sweet.