Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When faced with disappointment, clean your closet.

Sooo, I had written this long winded whiney post about how my New Year's Resolutions were already in the toilet but I decided to delete and start over.  In a nutshell, we got some bad news about our move to the East Coast and it appears we will be staying in the North Texas area for longer than either of us wanted.  SUCK.  The first few days I wanted to wallow in self pity and cuss out everyone but I think I'm starting to feel a little better... Not a lot, but a little.  Matt and I went house hunting last weekend and it was nearly enough to throw me back into despair but I'm trying, ok?  I just can't get excited about paying 300K for a stupid house that barely has a yard or extra room.  I've spent the last 3 months looking at houses in South Carolina that had huge yards and wooded lots and finished basements...  Like you could go into your backyard and be surrounded by trees and greenery and barely see your neighbors house a few hundred yards away.  Instead, we'll look for a house here where our neighbors houses are about 10 FEET from ours.  Of course you can't really see anyone's house anyway because for some reason people see it fit to park their cars all along the streets here.  Drives me insane.  But, I digress and I realize these are even less than first world problems and I need to put on my big girl panties and move on.  It's only a small set-back and not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  I've sort of fallen off the wagon on the rest of my resolutions because I needed to be sad and miserable for several days.  In order to make myself do something productive (and that would be a positive experience for me) I decided to clean my closet. 

Reasons to clean your closet:
1. You can't find anything and therefore wear the same leggings and Mumford and Sons concert tee over and over again...without a bra cause who the hell knows where the only one that fits is?  Probably under that lone snow boot that is missing it's mate.  
2. Your clothes get so messy they fall off the hangers and onto the floor where you store your dirty clothes so you end up washing random clothes that you never even wore - true story.  And I hates doin' the laundry so doing extra is just dumb.
3. You buy a cute top only to realize you already have one almost EXACTLY like it hidden in the recesses of your closet. 
4. You start digging thru there for something and find a Christmas present that you had hidden.
5. Being disorganized is the devil's playshop... wait, that's not how that goes... organization is close to godliness?  I don't know, but there is something about being organized that does make you feel better. 

So here's where we started:

I want to point out a few things.
1. I had to pick a few things up off the floor in order to take this pic - some stuff you just don't want to share with the WWW, trust me.  The first pic is looking to the left side of the closet, the second is looking to the right side.
2. I went thru a major overhaul and got rid of half my clothes and shoes when Matt and I got married 3 years ago because I had to go from 2 small walk-in closets to one.  Yes, all my stuff has to fit in the tiny closet.  (again with the whining...I'll stop)
3. I have attempted to organize it in the past because it's pretty small.  Hence the door shoe organizer, the shelf shoe organizer and all the baskets on the shelves.
4. I don't have a good pic of the top shelf but there was all kind of junk up there.  Honestly I think I threw most of it away.

When cleaning your closet the first thing you have to do is pull all the sh*t out and start from scratch.  Our whole bathroom floor and most of the bedroom floor was covered.  I took all the baskets out and went thru those and organized them.  That top basket is my "work out clothes" basket.  I put everything in there so it would be easy to find and grab and I'd have no excuses to not work out.  Well that will work if you are willing to keep it neat and tidy.

I emptied them, separated and folded the contents and then only put the necessities back in. 
For example, I took my yoga stuff out of my workout basket and only put in a couple of running shorts, sports bras and running pants.  Now it's much easier to find what I'm looking for.

Next I made sure I had all my summer stuff (I keep the off season stuff stored somewhere else due to the size of my closet) was weeded out and put in our extra suitcase that I store on the top shelf.  I've found that this process works.  You could probably use a big plastic bin but I use the suitcase because it's stored up there 99% of the time anyway.  I then separated the clothes by type - pants, long sleeve button shirts, pullover shirts, etc.  I also pulled all of my cocktail dresses out and went thru those...

I had over 15 cocktail dresses in my closet and most of them I haven't worn for over 3 years.   I put most of them aside to donate and kept 3 or 4 of my favorites.  I should also mention that over half of them were a size small or a size 4 and this sister ain't a size 4 no mo. truth.  After I decided on which ones to keep, I took those and the jackets I had hung in my closet and hung all of those in the hall coat closet.  They only take up about a quarter of the space and that's a much better spot with more room.  Once everything was separated I hung it all back up.


I then put my shoe shelf organizer on the opposite wall and stocked it with the shoes I wear the least (fancy heels for the most part...).  I do wear my boots often this time of year so they fit nicely on the top shelf and I actually used a rubber band to hang some of the taller ones up (pic below).  The over the door shoe organizer keeps my flats, running shoes and Toms convenient - which is good because I wear those most!  I kept one of my built in shelves open to fold sweaters.  I can't stand when I hang sweaters and they get those weird pulls and bumps on the shoulders, you know what I mean?  I also moved my giant laundry basket to the laundry room and replaced it with a smaller one that doesn't take up as much space.  The very top of the closet has the suitcase filled with summer clothes, a plastic bin with random summer essentials (suits and cover-ups, flip flops, etc).  I'll switch those to a basket on the shelves in the summer and put away sweaters, leggings and boots.  That top shelf is also a place for my extra purses, a Rubbermaid file organizer and a few other boxes of trinkets.

Much better! I think the key to having a tiny closet is rotating things seasonally.  When I had two closets I could keep everything out.  Now that I've got limited space, it's a good practice to donate/sale things you don't wear. Store things that are out of season.  And utilize other storage areas of your house.  It's ok to keep you LBDs in the coat closet, no one cares.  Who knows, maybe our next house will have one of those giant exorbitant closets with a chaise and mirrors and fancy glass cases to display my Prada bags and Louboutin shoes.  If so, I will totally need to go shopping for a Prada bag and Louboutin shoes.

PS - I actually did this about a week ago and the good news is that my closet is still THIS organized! Win!

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