Thursday, January 10, 2013

Milo - 7 months!

Can you be believe Smilo Milo is 7 months?!  I cannot...  I nearly hyperventilate when I think that he's closer to being a year old now then a newborn! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!  I can't believe God blessed us with such a sweet baby that I could.not.possibly love more!  Let's see what's he's into lately. 

His MOST FAVORITE thing in the world right now is his "Jumpee".  This kid loves to jump.  I'll try to take a video of him in action soon and post.  It's a show, I'm telling ya.  When he first got it (it was an early Christmas present) we would pop him in there and then sit around and watch cause it's so funny!


He sits in a regular high chair when we go out to eat now!  I think that's a pretty big deal.  We finally broke down and bought him a high chair cover to keep in his diaper bag because I refuse to put him in one without a cover.  gross... Then our car got broken into and someone stole our diaper bag.  WTH?!  Not even kidding.  We had one of those expensive trendy messenger type diaper bags so we can only assume that whoever stole it thought it was a laptop case.  dumb.  We just recently had to buy a (another) new restaurant high chair cover.  He used it last night and still loves it!  Yay for sitting at the table like a big boy!  Boo for thieves.


He has started to eat actual solid type food - not just the purees.  In this pic I had given him some apple puffs (sort of like cheerios).  He is trying to convince me with that adorable smile that he ate them all.  Even when I asked him if he had anything in his left hand...

This is actually what I found in his hand when I opened it!  He is such a scavenger.  If you leave ANYTHING within arms reach he will grab it and hoard it away somewhere.


He loves remote controls, phones and his Sissy.  We keep saying we are going to get him a baby remote or phone but haven't gotten around to it yet.  He only got like a bajillion toys for Christmas but most days he'd rather play with a piece of trash he finds on the floor. 


Don't let all those cute pics fool you.  He can throw a bit of a fit some days.  On this particular day he DID NOT want to take a nap (even tho he was way overtired), so he snatched a stack of his diapers and tried to rip them all up.  It pissed him off even more when I laughed and grabbed my phone to take a picture. heee!


We think he is pretty much a rock star (KISS shirt and drums like his Daddy).  He's mastered sitting up and rolling and squirming and scooting all around but hasn't started crawling yet.  Lord help us when he does...  Happy 7 months Baby Milo!

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