Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 4th of July - 2013 Edition

My sweet friend Chelsea moved away last year... I was sad... real sad.  But she moved back to her hometown where her fabulous family and fiance live.  She is getting married later this year (I'm pumped about the wedding!).  So I forgive her for moving away, since those are good reasons - but they don't make me miss her any less!  Anyhoo, one of our favorite things we used to do together is hang out at her family's lakehouse.  I've got tons of awesome memories from the weekends we've spent there, so when she suggested getting together this year with her family and mine I said yes in a heartbeat!  We actually brought our camera and took pics but I have no idea where it is so iPhone pics will have to do.

We took this pic just after telling Milo we were going on a 4 hour car ride - he's thrilled. LOL!  He's got his "What you talkin' about Willis" look on his face.  Priceless!

I would say we spent 99.9% of our time that weekend swimming/floating...

Cady and Chelsea

Jumping off the rope swing...


Cady (I don't have any of the pics of Gage on the swing but he jumped about a million times!...)  :(

Hanging on the dock...

Milo and Chels

Me trying to keep the two of us cool!
Walking around the neighborhood while Milo enjoyed wagon rides...

And we also spent lots of time playing yard games... Ladder ball, corn hole, washers, frisbee.  We had so much fun with ladder ball that we bought our own set when we got home!

It was a fun, exhausting, sunny packed friend-filled weekend!  We can't wait to do it all over again!

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