Monday, August 5, 2013

A "few" Summer 2013 Pics

Here comes an instagram dump!  Our summer has been full - and we've been trying to enjoy every bit of it we can.
Cady went to Baylor Music Camp in June so we all road-tripped it down to Waco to take her & pick her up.

She was nervous about her audition but she did great!  The best part was the final concert that we all got to attend on her last day of camp!  Those kids are talented and I was so proud!

Milo likes road trips... sorta...

He likes hotel pools...

but he's not a fan of sleeping anywhere but his real bed...  We don't get much sleep on road trips.

We've spent lots of time this summer in the backyard/on the patio! (I spy 3 people in a baby pool)

and we've spent some time at the park...

We've also had our fair share of playtime/vedge time :)

We even had a visit from the Mississippi Grandparents last weekend!


Cheers to summer so far!  School starts in less than 3 weeks!

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