Monday, September 10, 2012

Outside & 3 months!

The weather was spectacular this weekend!  And by spectacular, I mean the highs were in the 80s and one could actually enjoy being OUTSIDE! 

Saturday we spent some more time working on the clubhouse.  I think by next weekend it will be completely finished.  Matt finished up the roof, a bench inside and started the shelving.  Cady started the inside paint work.

She decided on a purple for most of the walls.  We'll finish up the "furniture" (bench and shelves) this week and then hopefully add a cute rug and some things to the walls.  We are going to add a porch made from pavers and maybe a few hanging plants.  I promise I'll share pics once it's done. 
And because it was so nice outside, this little guy got to spend some time on the patio.

Yes, he drools...a lot.  He's teething.  We can see the tiny tooth bud coming in on his bottom gum.  Matt keeps asking if there is something wrong with him cause he drools so much but I have assured him it's completely normal and will only get worse!

This one got to enjoy some rolling around in the nice weather too.

She actually discovered 2 old bones out in the back so it was a stellar day for Syd.

Sunday Matt and I opened the windows, cleaned the house and then went shopping in our town square and had lunch on a patio.  It was fun.  We actually kept ourselves from spending a bunch of money and just enjoyed walking around enjoying the fresh air.  I did get to use one of my Bath and Body Works gift cards to pick up some of the new fall candles.  They smell SO yummy.

AAAAANNNNDDDD, Baby Milo turned 3 months!

It's crazy how fast he is growing!  I'll be back tomorrow with a post on my new exercise challenge.  Remember when I said I wasn't going to buy those fancy new Nike running shoes?  Well, I lied.  I bought them so I am going to make sure they get used!  Booo for Mondays, but yay for great weekends!

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