Thursday, September 13, 2012

300 Mile Challenge

Matt and I have challenged ourselves to run/walk 300 miles before the end of the year (well, I guess Matt is participating because I didn't give him a choice but I do believe he is enjoying it as well).  That means we'll be getting in 300 miles in just over 100 days.  I'm excited about it.  So far we've done great!  I created a spreadsheet to keep track of all our miles, how many we have left to get to 300, and an approximate number of miles we need to run each day (2-3)!  It has really motivated me!  It's been nice to go walk with Matt by ourselves some evenings and also it's been nice for me to get some alone time on the days I go by myself.  I knew I needed to challenge myself to get out and exercise.

Especially after I ordered myself these sweet new kicks.  Yeah, I caved.  But the good things is this, I am determined to stick to this "program" and I knew the shoes would be an extra encouragement!  Yes, I do love shoes that much. 

I can't wait to reach our first 100 goal.  I will probably have to reward myself with something...

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