Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day in MO aka WAY TOO MANY Instagram Pics

I'm happy to report that the 5 of us made it home safely from Missouri!  It was a fun weekend with lots of sweet memories.  Cady is already talking about going back over the holidays - she wants it to snow.  I'm still recouping from the 12 hour drive to and from (it typically takes us about 8.5)!  So here's your synopsis - a few words and a ton of instagram photos I took over the weekend. 

We left somewhere around 4 in the morning...

Syd looks a little more excited than Cady.  Shortly after leaving the kids and Syd went back to sleep until our first stop...

In Texarkana...  At a Dairy Queen... Where Milo is eyeing the colorful pics of dipped cones plastered to all the windows. Our next stop was due to construction... Things were SLOW moving there for a while.

After this pic was taken we drove thru lots of rain (leftover from Hurricane Issac), dealt with several Milo meltdowns, I developed a migraine and Milo got so worked up he puked all over himself and then had a blowout.  We had to pull over in the middle of the hood and unfortunately we hadn't packed an extra outfit and we couldn't get to our suitcase so I gave up and put him back in his seat white trash style in just his diaper.  Everyone was cranky and snapping at each other at this point and we'd been on the road for 10 hours already.  Fortunately, this one was fine now and went right to sleep...

This peaceful sweet photo is not indicative of what took place in the hour or so preceding it.  We did eventually make it to Matt's Mom' house (Ninna's).  She had a huge spread of some of our favorite foods made and we were all happy to be able to stretch our legs and relax...out of the car...  The next day we got up and headed out to the town parade (I think the town of Benton has like 800 people that live there). 

This giant tractor was by far one of the superior attractions.  Cady got lots of candy and Syd got to smell lots of smells and Milo..well... Milo was not real crazy about the fire engine sirens so we turned him around and covered his ears for a lot of it. After walking home Milo and I took a short nap and Cady and Matt climbed one of the big trees in Ninna's yard.

Cady fell out of the tree (which of course was somehow everyone else's fault) and sat on the porch pouting due to that ENORMOUS scratch on her left arm... can you see it?  yeah, that little tiny red mark?  And YES that's a real tear on her cheek.  Luckily I was outside to witness this so I could make it all better snap a picture.  Next we were off to the annual Mungle Jam Session. 

This Labor Day event was started to honor some of the Mungle Boys that are no longer with us.  Matt's Dad and Uncle Kendall were musicians so it's nice to get everyone together and play some music and think about old times.  Even Cady got in on the action...

This pic makes me smile.  Next year she says she's bringing her cello.  Milo participated by being held by various people  But mostly Aunt Paula squeezed and snuggled him and he was a happy boy.

I know Milo will enjoy going to this every year.  And I know that all the Mungles will enjoy seeing the littlest Mungle grow up.  The next day we headed out to hang with the other side of the family - Ninna's brothers.

These guys crack me up.  One of her brothers has a bunch of land way out in the country, complete with woods, a pond, tractors, etc - stuff little Cady doesn't get to see all the time!  We had a blast spending the day out there. 

Matt tried to teach Cady to "skip rocks"...

We took random pics on stumps by the pond...

I took some "nature" shots.  Look at that giant spider!!!

I spotted Sasquatch trying to sneak up on Cady...

Ok, seriously the pic above cracks me up.  You know Matt looks like Big Foot walking around the woods.  hahaha I'm also cracking up cause when I snapped this pic I had stopped to sit on an old tree stump to rest and when I got up I had sap all over my A$$!!!  karma.  

Our budding photog took some birdwatcher photos...

I took a pic of myself... I don't even really remember taking this pic but when I was just going thru them all it sorta scared me!

This sweet boy learned how to blow spit bubbles...

It was a fun day :o) I'm not sure what Matt is thinking about below but it must be a good thought!  It looks like my face when I think about lobster mac & cheese... crap, now I'm craving lobster mac & cheese... I digress...  And Milo is lookin' at that homemade blackberry cobbler on Ninna's plate!  That's my kid.

We ended the day with a warm bath in Ninna's kitchen sink (at least Milo did)... This photo went on facebook with the caption "Hillbilly Hot tub" - we cracked up at Milo kicked back there like a boss.

Milo went to bed and Matt took Cady and I on a tour of his hometown.  The next day we got up and drove the 12 hours back home.  So there ya have it, another Road Trip to Missouri done and done.  I bet next year's will be here before we know it!

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