Thursday, August 30, 2012

A bit of chaos lately?

It's been somewhat of a busy week!  Cady started school on Monday, Hurricane Isaac hit S. Louisiana forcing Gage to evacuate Baton Rouge, our nanny got sick, the AC broke, and I had to have some dental work done that forced me to take a day off work.  I "suppose" I could have worked after my dental appt, but let's face it - I'm a wimp.  Plus, like I said, Gage was here and the nanny was out sick so I figured I should just take a personal day.  And all of this happened Mon - Thurs!  We haven't even made it to Friday yet!  Friday will be easy breezy tho - we're headed on a mini vacay to Missouri to see Matt's family.  It will be Cady and Milo's first time to meet the Missouri kinfolk.  We are excited to see everyone and excited for cooler temps!  We'll come back Monday evening.  I'll try to get Matt to write up a post following our trip.  Cady is supposed to be writing a post about her summer/back to school but she is yet to send it to me...  So anyway that's what we've been "busy"doing the last few days. 

And just so you know...  Hurricane Isaac turned out to be sort of a dud and was mostly just rain and wind (we are thankful for this) - Gage already left to head back to school, we were thrilled to get to spend a couple days with him... 

sweet baby boys :o)
 We got the AC fixed and it was only $350 (could have been much worse)...  Cady is adjusting to school and trying out for volleyball this week (more on that later)... 

picking Cady up from school
 I suppose I am getting over my traumatic dental visit (the numbing shots are the worst part don't you think?)...  And our nanny will be back next week. Thank goodness cause Milo does not like to let us get any work done - he needs to eat and be held 24/7!  (ok, ok so we kinda spoiled him like that but still).

Finally got a shot of his eyes wide open so you can see the beautiful shade of blue they have turned!
 Enjoy you're long weekend!

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