Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Work

I'm back at work... just part-time this week, full-time next week.  My company allows for a week of transition the first week back after maternity leave.  Of course I work from home so Milo is just in the other room, but still.  It's hard to get used to sitting at a computer all day.  Listening in on (sometimes) meaningless conference calls feels like a waste of time.  But mostly I miss just hanging all day with my little guy.  And I miss naps...  I miss naps WITH Milo. haha  He seems to be doing just fine tho. 

His nanny starts next week so things will get easier/harder at that point.  Easier in that we can actually have several hours during the day to work and concentrate on getting things accomplished.  Hard in that I really want Matt or me to be the ONLY people taking care of him.  That's selfish tho.  Oh well, at least I'm having more adult conversations with acutal grown-ups now... sorta.

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