Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The little Littles are Gettin' Big

Look at these two!  Cady is getting ready to start 7th grade next week and Milo is now 10 weeks and 13lbs!  Seems just a few days ago summer was just starting!

In preparation for this Fall, all 3 kiddos have had to have physicals in the last few weeks and all 3 of them have had to get several shots!  I guess starting college and starting 7th grade (it's a Texas law thing) and being born are all good reasons to get your vaccinations updated.  Even Matt had to have a shot last week!  The good news is that everyone is happy and healthy.  Cady finally got her school schedule situated so that's a huge stress that has been lifted... And trust me... when Cady is stressed and worried, we're all stressed and worried.  That's one of the things she got from her Mama I'm sorry to say!  But for today, all is good.  Gage is wrapping up his first week of college and feeling much better about being so far away.  He is enjoying his classes and getting involved at school so he'll be a busy socializing college freshman in no time.  Cady is choosing outfits for her first few days of school and busily texting and chatting with friends about classes and clothes and who knows what else.  The good thing is she is excited to start school this year, that hasn't always been the case in the past.  Milo is just growing and eating.. a lot.  He is sleeping thru the night (that's the big thing at this age) - in fact he slept for 10 hours straight the other night!  He's laughing and smiling and baby babbling up a storm.  So there ya have it... another summer on the books and it's nearly time to get giddy about the change of seasons!  It's even been in the 70s here in the mornings - that's unheard of for Texas in August!

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