Thursday, August 23, 2012

Goals and such.

I wrote the title to this post and only noticed later that I had accidentally typed Goals and suck.  hahaha That's probably more accurate.

I like goals because I like the feeling of accomplishment but I haven't been great about following thru lately.  I really wanted to run a half marathon in October of this year.  I had to take a whole year off from working out when I was pregnant and then recovering.  When I finally got the go ahead to start working out again earlier this month, I was excited.  I had big plans of doing a DVD workout every day (to build muscle and tone) and running several nights each week (for endurance) after Milo went to bed... Once I did that for an entire month I was going to reward myself with these babies:

I can sync them with my iPhone cause they are Nike+... and they are purple... and super cool lookin'.  I was doing great until I really thought about the shoes and realized we didn't need to spend over $100 on a pair of athletic shoes... when I already have at least 4 pair of nice running shoes...  And those 4 pair help make up my whole shoe collection of nearly 50 pair... which was cut back from over 80 pair last year.  Once I realized I didn't NEED the shoes I lost all motivation and quit working out.  Which is ridiculous cause here's the thing...  Did you notice above that I said I used to have over 80 pairs of shoes and now I have around 50?  That's because last summer after Matt and I got married I went thru all my clothes and shoes and donated over half of them.  We needed to make more space in our closets and drawers so I got rid of anything that was too big or that I didn't wear often.  Then 2 months later I got pregnant!!!  While that's great that I was wearing a size 4 last summer and only wearing skinny jeans, short dresses and heels - NONE of that fits anymore!!! I am not close to a size 4 and 95% of my wardrobe no longer fits.  I need to work out to get skinny again! Ha!  I need to suck it up and accomplish following thru with a workout routine without the benefit of expensive shoes as a reward.  Which brings me to our second big goal... Creating and STICKING to a budget...

This has been harder than working out! I've created several versions of a family budget for us but we just don't seem to have the "stick-to-it-tiveness" that I had when I was a single gal.  I used to have a healthy savings and contribute to retirement funds and college funds and all other necessities and still have money left over at the end of the month.  Now we have a double income and I can't figure out where all the money goes!  I guess we've just been living it up since we got married... I'm really determined to get things back on track.  A new baby is more expensive than you might realize - especially nanny costs!  While we do have money for all the necessities, I like to have extra for "shoe funds" and "vacation funds" and "Kimmy's next car needs to be a Mercedes fund".  I kid.  not really.  But I am thinking more and more about moving in a couple years.  I love our house and the size of it but I'd like a little more space and a pool and some trees.  I know that will cost in this area so we need to start setting aside money now.  And I'm also determined to go on vacation next summer.  By that point it will have been a year since our vacation to Cancun so we'll be due for some beach time. 

Soooooo.  I think the answer is this.  I will start small.  I will take a walk/run a few times a week (especially since the temps are nicer now).  I will get the regular size KitKat instead of the King size.  That will be my "get healthy/weight loss" goal for now.  And we have a new and improved budget that involves us spending much less.  We won't eat out (as much) and I promise to spend less on random shopping sprees.  We can do it, right?  Now if I could just somehow get amazon blocked from my laptop...

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