Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gage's new digs.

Sad... Gage has officially left for college.  He actually left last week but he had some travelling and family visits and orientation type things to attend.  But today he moved into his new college... in another state...8 hours away.  I've tried to not be upset about it.  I've tried to be happy about his new adventures and this next chapter in life and most of the time it works.  But today I was feeling sad.  He was missing home (his words!) and I was missing him.  I know he'll meet new people and be having a blast in a couple weeks, but today I wanted to get in the car and drive the 8 hours and pick him up and bring him home so I could baby him... as if his elementary school nurse had called me to say he had a bad tummy ache.  I guess our kids will always be little in our eyes.  Cady and I asked for a pic of his new digs and here's what we got.

At least he has his favorite blanket and moose pillow pet... and his Saints and Monty Python posters.  I know he'll feel right at home in no time. I bet by the time Thanksgiving rolls around he won't even want to come home!  Nah, he'll miss us... I'm sure of it.  Geaux Tigers!

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