Monday, August 20, 2012

Recent DIYs around the house... "before" edition.

Matt may not realize how great he is at household projects, but I do.  He has built several shelves for our bedroom, den and living room - and they look really good!  When I tell people he built them from scratch they're like "wow, my husband could never do that!"... And I just beam, cause mine can.  We have a running list of DIY projects that we'd like to do around the house and we try to mark off one or two a month.  Recently we started Milo's nursery. 

There was a ton of prep work before we could even start his "nursery".  We had to move everything out of the space, buy some organizers for the closet, have the carpets professionally cleaned and paint the walls.  We painted the room a soft gray.  Matt drug Cady's old crib from the attic (I saved it because it's beautiful and I want to keep it forever... for our grandchildren someday!) and put it together along with a few other pieces of furniture.  We made new bright orange curtains that match his bedding.  The room is still a work in progress so I'll post pics when it's done, but it's coming along nicely.  Doesn't Milo look so proud there watching his Dad?!


One of the other projects he's working on is a "clubhouse" for Cady.  She has wanted a clubhouse for FOREVER.  You may think she is too old for one, but it's actually quite the opposite.  It will be big enough for her and her friends to hang out in and sleep in (if they want) and a private place that she can go to read or craft or whatever.  We are going to make sure she gets electricity and some cute "small size" furniture for the inside. 

We are also going to give it a small patio on the front with some plants, etc.  She is excited about painting it and decorating the inside.  We figured if she does get tired of it we can use it for storage until Milo can play in it in a few years.  So win-win all around.  Again, it's a WIP (work in progress as we say in the corporate world) so I will definitely post pics when it's done!  I'll confess...  I'm actually looking forward to hanging out in there too!


And just so you don't think I'm getting all braggy on Matt and his home improvement skillz...  Here's a pic of him after he made some repairs to one of our bathroom ceilings the other day.  hahahaha!  I think it could have gone better "during" but the ceiling looked great "after"!

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