Monday, October 8, 2012

yeah yeah... long time no write...

"Kimberly!  Why haven't you blogged lately?!" said no one...  I just don't feel like blogging much since giving up my Sparrowspace and losing all my readers.  I know journaling is important tho.  It gives us something to go back and reflect on... It causes us to stop and appreciate things more.  It's helps us see our story - literally.  I will try and be a better blogger, not for the affirmation of the thousand hits I'd get, but for me... and my prosperity and to remember all the little things happening in our daily lives. 


Playhouse is almost done!  There is some inside painting left... And a few decorations that we are going to work on, but it's pretty much ready to go.  And now the weather is finally getting cool enough that Cady will be able to enjoy it.

AAAAND... the nursery is pretty much done too!  I love it!

We also got new (fake) wooden floors!  I LOVE them - I think they look fantastic.  I don't care if I will have to swiffer those bad boys every day cause my canine child sheds like a beast... they look fabulous!

Funny sidenote...  the floor people told us it would only take 3 or so hours to pull up our old carpets and put the new floor in... It was a Friday and Fridays are the days that our nanny does not come so I generally try and make my work schedule VERY lax because I know I'll be home alone with Milo.  He still takes 2 naps so I can get plenty done but my time needs to be very flexible.  Well, I figured since they'd be done in just a few hours and the weather was so nice that Milo and I would set up in the garage and wait them out.

This would have been fine except 3 hours went by, then 4, then 6 then an entire day and it was after 6 and they still were not done!!!!  They had to actually come back the next day and finish... I will never plan on spending time like that outside with a baby again!  He was great, but I wasn't!  I got hot and hungry and cranky! ha!
Hmmm, what else... Oh, this one has decided that she is into fashion now... especially on Tuesdays.

Tuesdays are the days that the "boy she likes" rides the bus home and they sit next to each other.  It's funny... She primps and puts lip gloss on and brings a brush to school and everything.  And as usual she and Matt are up to their antics:

They were supposed to race around the track.  Matt cheated.  I generally have to play referee but I will admit they make me laugh. 
This one is developing quite the personality.  He loves his Daddy and loves to smile and loves to squeal...loudly...and often!

He's amazed at Matt's talent...

And I'm amazed at the cuteness of this face! Happy Monday - I'll be back sooner than later this time... I need to write about Milo turning 4 months and Gage's adventures at college... And weight watchers!  I'm doing weight watchers and it's hard.  *whine*  I want to eat Mexican food and Halloween candy but I guess you can't do that if you want to lose a few EL BEEs... so all that and much more.

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