Wednesday, October 10, 2012

4 months for Milo!

I can't believe Milo is already 4 months!  Cray-zee.

He is changing so much.  His favorite things are his whale mobile and tiger mat and taking a bath.  We are slowly using the exersaucer and high chair more.  He had his 4 month check up yesterday and weighed over 15lbs and is ready to start having cereal.  He is still an amazing sleeper - I'm not sure how we got so lucky.  I cringe when my friends with babies that are a similar age are still talking about getting up at night or celebrating because their baby now sleeps 7 hour stretches... We are definitely spoiled with a 12 hour sleeper who also takes at least 3 naps during the day.  I'm pretty sure he got all that sleepin' talent from his Daddy. 

His least favorite things are still riding in the carseat and having patience while we get everything ready for him to eat.  He will go into a scream fit and then it's like pushing a mute button when we stick the bottle in his mouth. 

He loves his Daddy and Mama and Sissy and Nanny - pretty much the only 4 people he interacts with.  His pediatrician said she could tell he was starting to experience separation anxiety, but we haven't noticed it much... then again, we don't really take him out and pass him around a ton and he seems to do fine when others do hold him (although it's not often).  I always make sure I tell him where I am going if I leave and reassure him that I will be right back.  

Eating at Cheesecake Factory - Mama's favorite!

Enjoying his first fire! 

Cartoons with Sissy.

It's really not fair how fast they grow...  But we are enjoying watching him learn new things and grow into a little mini person!  Happy 4 months Baby Milo! (sorry about those shots...)

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