Thursday, October 18, 2012


Milo has started eating actual food the last week or so.  He's not crazy about the "cereal" he is supposed to be eating, but he loves his veggies!  He must be Matt's child cause y'all know I can.not.stand vegetables...  Here are a few pics of his latest and greatest eating adventures.

Mama feeding Milo his first "real food".

Sweet Peas! Milo's fave so far.

Mmmmm, avocado... It's supposed to be the baby superfood for so many reasons.  He loves it!

Ohmagosh.  That face is just so sweet.  As you can see, he's not too fond of "cereal"... He spits most of it out!  Food is still not his actual source of nutrition at this point.  He still takes his bottle.  BUT he is learning to eat and it's been fun.

In other blogworthy food news...  Things are still going well with my Weight Watchers.  I really have to watch what I eat and inject some healthier options into my daily diet, that's been kind of tuff.  I haven't been hungry but I do crave random things like Mexican food and butter.  I'm trying to get some exercise at least every other day as well.  I'm back into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes although they are a little tight.  I'm still doing my walk/jog challenge but it's been difficult lately.  Schedules and weather and me not feeling well have put a lull in my progress (change of seasons always brings on migraines and allergies for me).  I've decided to make it a 200 mile challenge which is still a BIG deal.  It just means instead of having to do an average of 3 miles a day I do an average of 2 miles a day.  It's just not feasible for me to work out every day (there is not enough time...) so doing 3 or 4 miles at least every other is my new goal.  I'm so freaking excited that I'm getting a jogging stroller too!  Now Milo can go with me if I have time during the day.  Currently, I either have to wait until he is in bed at night (which blows sometimes cause it's dark and cold) or take him with me in his regular stroller (which I cannot jog or even walk fast with because he'll get whiplash!... and it's HEAVY).  
Last weekend Cady and I got to have a Girls Night.  We went to a dinner movie at Studio Movie Grill and saw Here Comes the Boom.  We cracked up, it was super funny.  It was nice to be able to spend some one on one time with her.  It seems when I'm able to give her a little extra attention her attitude is better.  Matt also took her to meet Victoria Justice at the Fair last week.  She was SOOOO excited!  Victoria Justice is on a show that she watches on Nickolodeon and also in a new movie.

This weekend Cady has regional try-outs for Orchestra. I have to say she has been practicing quite a bit and I'm hopeful that she will do very well. I'm proud of her that she has taken it upon herself to be involved in orchestra and track and even the Middle School Bible Study at our church.  She has been self motivated to do all these things which is great!  Now if I could get her to stop talking back and feed the cat things would be perf.
Matt and I also had the opportunity to volunteer with IHOPE ministries last Saturday.  One of the founders of the organization is our Bible Study leader and we are always happy to help when we can.  Matt does audio video and I have helped with registration or set-up/clean-up in the past.  I enjoy our bible study group and it's fun taking Milo to see everyone.

Milo helping Daddy set up sound.

Milo only helps Matt out when he's not moderating political debates... hahahaha I love this pic cause I'm so freaking tired of all the BS political stuff on TV/News/Facebook lately!

And he only moderates political debates when he's not planking...

So that's about it for now.  I would love to be able to take the littles to the pumpkin patch but we haven't had time the last few weekends (or the weather has been rainy).  Maybe, just maybe, this weekend we can go.  Gage misses us and may drive up for the weekend so I'm crossing my fingers that I can have all of us home for a few days!

Leaving you with this sweet pic.  Enjoy your weekend!

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