Monday, October 22, 2012

Out and About

We were all over the place this past weekend!  Like I said in my last post, Gage decided on a little impromptu trip home this past weekend.  I knew he was coming the day before but he surprised Cady so it was very sweet.  She had her regional orchestra try-outs this weekend so she was thrilled to have Gage home to give her some extra encouragement. 

We celebrated Friday night by having Mexican food at one of our favorite local spots on the patio.  Mmmmm! 

And I think everyone took a turn at wearing the Madagascar wig... even Milo.  The weather has been beautiful lately - it's getting a little warm the last couple of days considering it's Fall, but nice overall.  I think I'm ready for the cooler temps tho... Cause I need to use my new JOGGING STROLLER!!!

Can you tell Milo is thrilled?  Ha!  We drove over to see Timmy at the Bike Shop on Saturday and picked it up then.  We strapped him in and pushed him around the store and he still doesn't seem impressed.  I would have taken it out for a jog when we got home but I was not feeling well Saturday or Sunday.   A late night "altercation" with Matt on Friday night and this freaking cold that I can't seem to get rid of has had me sick and tired!!  literally!  I wasn't even feeling well enough to give Matt the butt-kicking he deserved on Friday!

Yes, that's my nightstand... Pay no attention to that random kitkat... I have no idea where that came from. ;o)  After visiting the bike shop on Saturday I came home and napped while Gage and Matt watched college football ( so I was able to rally and head out with some friends to celebrate a birthday that evening.

This was one of our first times to actually fore go Milo's nightly routine and take him out so we could enjoy a meal and a few drinks with friends.  He did great!  Cady and Gage went too so we had a great time celebrating our friend Dennis's birthday!  Unfortunately about halfway thru the meal I started to feel ill again and ended up puking everything I had eaten when got home that night.  ick.  I was feeling a bit better yesterday so I got lots of things done around the house, ran some errands and said goodbye to my sweet biggest boy (we won't see him again until December 10th... he's going to an out of state football game over Thanksgiving - yes I'm very sad).

Last night we got Milo to bed early and both Matt and I were able to attend our weekly Bible Study.  We've been taking turns lately so that we don't need Cady to watch him because he can get a little cranky right before bedtime which is when our meetings occur.  Once he is in bed he is out tho so it's easy for her to be home and "babysit".  I am feeling encouraged about the study we are doing and I'm hoping I am able to put some of the things we discussed into action this week.  That's about all the updates I have!  First orchestra concert of the year is tomorrow night - pics to follow!

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