Thursday, November 8, 2012

$10 Quilt Ladder - DIY

One of my favorite projects that Matt has made for me lately is my quilt ladder.  I saw some similar ladders in catalogs and on the web and I knew it would look great in our living room.  And it's functional too!

You'll need:
  • 2 2x2s - I think that's the measurement.  We found ours at Lowe's for $1.90 each. They don't need to be pretty or perfect because the imperfections will give your ladder character.
  • 2 1" dowel rods - also less than $2 each
  • saw
  • drill
  • screws
  • paint of your choice

1. Buy/gather your materials
2. Cut both of your dowel rods into 3 equal pieces

3. Place your dowels (rungs) where you'd like them to go.  We put ours 14" apart and only used 5 of the 6 pieces.  You could space them closer and use all 6 pieces but I thought it looked better this way. 
4. Use your drill to screw them onto the main horizontal pieces.  Screw from the outside into the dowels.  Matt actually used a bit to drill holes first and then put the screws in.  I don't know if this step is necessary but I don't argue when it comes to the drill.

Paint it and put it in your home to have a place to display/store your quilts/blankets!  Super Easy!  It took us less than an afternoon (that includes paint drying) and cost less than 10 bucks!


  1. Hope to have one of these real soon. I have some homemade quilts and want to display them. Thanks for the info.

  2. Nice! Step 4 is necessary because it keeps the wood from splitting. He probably used a drill bit that was slightly smaller than the screws. That way the screws can grab the wood, but not split it.

  3. Hi! What length are the 2x2s? What paint did you use?