Friday, November 2, 2012

Park Play

The weather has been beautiful lately!  Cool enough that it's fun to be outside!  Cady is trying out for basketball this season so she asked if we could head to the park to "shoot some hoops".  I am the first to admit that I am much better at cheering from the sidelines so it was a good thing that Matt showed up soon after we arrived. 

Watching Sissy and Daddy play some B-Ball.  Milo also got to experience the swing for the first time...

He loved it.  I know we'll be heading back soon!  When taking a break from basketball, Cady perfected her crab apple throwing skills.  What are crab apples anyway?  What a strange fruit/nut/bulb - I don't even know exactly what they are?  Our park has tons of trees that drop them tho so the kids are constantly smushing and throwing them.  Ick. 

I'll have to update next week to let you all know if Cady makes the basketball team.  She SAYS that she really wants to be on the team, but sometimes the rest of us aren't sure!  It takes a ton of time and dedication that she'd have to add to an already full schedule.  And let's face it.  The kid can't even remember to feed her cat and make her bed!  But I do enjoy hanging out at the park on these sunny cool days, whether we are playing basketball or swinging or just walking.  In Texas this season is short so we'll soak up as much as we can!

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