Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 has come and gone and I think it was success!  I'm not sure how much Milo will remember about his first Thanks, but I do believe we made some pretty good memories.   I think this is the first year I actually tried to decorate a little for Fall/Thanksgiving (and that is probably mostly due to Pinterest!  Dang you Pinterest and your crafty ideas...).

In the past I may have put out a candle or maybe a wreath on the door but this year we created a few cool things.  I made that "Give Thanks" plaque, and Cady and I actually gathered those acorns and pine cones from the front yard to put in my newly purchased apothecary jars.  yay!  We even wrangled Milo into the fun and created cute Thanksgiving hand print turkeys for cards to send out to family.  

On Thanksgiving Day the 4 of us headed to downtown Dallas to participate in the BIGGEST race in the nation - The Turkey Trot! (50,000 people do the Trot in Dallas each year!!)

The weather was beautiful (not shivering cold like it has been in past years) and we were able to complete the 5K with no issues.  

Once we arrived back home the preparation of the feast began!  haha  It was my first time to make a turkey all by myself so I was a little nervous but everything turned out superb (I had lots of advice and check-ins from the sweet ladies in my Bible Study group).  I made the turkey and mashed potatoes (with heavy cream and lots of butter).  Matt made sweet potatoes and dressing (impressive, huh!?).  We finished it off with turkey gravy, crescents and iced sweet tea.  It was YUMMY. 

We were a little sad that Gage wasn't home but he had a trip planned to Arkansas to see his LSU tigers BTHO the razerbacks.  hee hee!  I knew he was having a blast.  He'll be home after finals so it won't be long.  I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  We all have so many reasons to be thankful! 

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