Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Milo is 5 months!

Can you believe our teeny tiny baby is now 5 months?  Before we know it he'll be 6 months and that's not even a newborn anymore... and he was supposed to stay a newborn for a really long time.  waaaaah!  We love watching him grow and learn so it's ok. He's dressed in his little hipster outfit above but some days rolls thuggy like this:

His favorite things are still his whale mobile (the kid literally cracks up when we turn it on) and his tiger mat.  Lately he is loving his glow worm and anything he can fit in is mouth.  He also loves loves loves being carried around on your shoulder so he can see all that needs to be seen.  He loves spending time with his Daddy and listening to his sissy talk about her day.  He is also fascinated when he watches us eat.  He is still only eating a little bit of cereal and oatmeal and maybe half a jar of baby food (sweet peas are his fave) once a day but something about watching us chew mesmerizes him!

He can squeal and scream so loudly it scares the animals away.  And he's not even upset!  He just really loves the sound of his own voice.  We think its funny about 90% of the time...  Going out in the carseat has improved over the last few weeks as well.  He has a mirror to look in now so that keeps him entertained for a while (he gets that from his Daddy).   The bottom left picture above was taken on one of our trips to Home Depot.  He likes home depot...  Lately I've been taking him over to see the Christmas trees and lights they have on display. I can't wait for him to see our Christmas tree when we get to put it up in a few weeks. 

Of course he still loves to eat and sleep.  And he's still just as beautiful as ever.  He rolls over now and knows his name.  He plays with his feet and will talk to you as if you know exactly what he is saying.  He wakes up with a smile in the morning that will melt your heart.  I can't wait for the grandparents to see how much he has grown next month.  Happy 5 months Baby Milo!

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